Private Commissions

For private commissions of various kinds or sales please use the contacts form.

Giant Storytelling seat for Brookside School, Bicester

'Polaris Seat', a seat for observing the North Star. Sited on the roof of the Castle at Treatyport Vineyard, Qiushan, China

Carved oak refectory tables sold to various historic houses in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Kent.
Each table is unique and numbered and has an original carved oak leaf motif on the legs and on the side rails. Tables can be ordered in different sizes. Prices start at around £2000 for a 6ft x 3ft table

Carved oak doors for the Treatyport Vineyard Castle, Qiushan, China

Work in progress on the Chinese doors, mixing motifs from Chinese and Scottish mythology

Carved oak doors to the Great Hall at Dairsie Castle, Fife Scotland

Window shutters at Dairsie Castle

'Peaches' - Detail of a door at the Castle in Qiushan, China. Peaches, a Chinese symbol of longevity

Detail of a section of the Bayeux Tapestry, carved in brown oak, for New Romney in Kent

Door detail in Dairsie Castle, Fife. View of the landscape through one of the Castle windows

Oak door at St Mary’s Hospital, Kettering

Maltese Falcon in carved and charred oak for a historic villa in Malta

Maltese Falcon, gilded in 22ct gold, with gemstone eyes, for a historic house in Malta